12: McLuhan at 100 - Picking Through the Rag and Bone Shop of a Career

Table of Contents


McLuhan @ 100
Kevin Brooks, North Dakota State University
David Beard, University of Minnesota, Duluth

The McLuhan Method: Detached Involvement

A Little Epic: McLuhan’s Use of Epyllion
Andrew Chrystall, Massey University

The Mechanical Bride of Pinbot: Redressing the Early McLuhan
Ron Brooks, Oklahoma State University

I Am McLuhan
Jeff Rice, University of Kentucky

Hectic Zen
Rex Veeder, St. Cloud State University

Education as a Training of the Senses: McLuhan's Pedagogical Enterprise
Norm Friesen, Thompson Rivers University

Waking The Politics in McLuhan

Martial McLuhan
Michael MacDonald, University of Waterloo

Creative Destruction: War and Peace in the Global Village, Remixed
Steven Hammer, North Dakota State University

All the World's a Link: The Global Theater of Mobile World Browsers
John Tinnell, University of Florida

Playful-DisPlay: Contemplating McLuhan’s View of the Modern Cadaver
Jane Slemon, Emily Carr University

McLuhan Re-viewed

Review of Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work!
Patricia Fancher, Clemson University
Carl Whithaus, University of California, Davis
Andrew Mara, North Dakota State University

Teaching McLuhan: Understanding Understanding Media
David Bobbitt, Wesleyan College