A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture


Senior Editor
Byron Hawk, University of South Carolina  

Managing Editors 
Laurie Gries, University of Colorado
Casey Boyle, University of Texas-Austin
Jim Brown, Rutgers University-Camden 

Editorial Assistant
Ben Harley, University of South Carolina

Book Review Editor
Christian Smith, Coastal Carolina University

Copy Editors
Molly Scanlon, Nova Southeastern University
Eric Detweiler, University of Texas-Austin
Catherine St. Pierre, The Ohio State University
Stephanie Boone-Mosher, University of South Carolina
Heidi Lawrence, George Mason University

Production Editors
Sergio Figueiredo, Kennesaw State University 
Steven Hammer, St. Joseph's University
Rachael Sullivan, St. Joseph's University
Tony Stagliano, New Mexico State University
Scott Sundvall, University of Florida
Amy Tuttle, University of Texas at Austin
Justine Wells, New Mexico State University

Technical Editors
Kevin Brock, University of South Carolina
Ashley Hall, Alma College
Jennifer Ware, Michigan State University

Social Media Editor
Amber Lee, University of South Carolina

Editorial Board
Jenny Andrus, University of Utah
Sarah Arroyo, California State University-Long Beach
Jennifer Bay, Purdue University
Jean Bessette, University of Vermont
Collin Brooke, Syracuse University
Geoffrey V. Carter, Saginaw Valley State University
Lisa Coleman, Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Bradley Dilger, Purdue University
Peter Goggin, Arizona State University
Jason Helms, Texas Christian University
Joshua Hilst, Utah Valley State University
Justin Hodgson, Indiana University
Jay Jordan, University of Utah
Karen Kopelson, University of Louisville
Nate Kreuter, Western Carolina University
Matthew Levy, Tacoma Community College
Brian McNely, University of Kentucky
Derek Mueller, Eastern Michigan University
Jodie Nicotra, University of Idaho
Mike Pennell, University of Kentucky
Jeff Pruchnic, Wayne State University
Alex Reid, SUNY-Buffalo
Jeff Rice, University of Kentucky
Jenny Edbauer Rice, University of Kentucky
Thomas Rickert, Purdue University
David Rieder, North Carolina State University
Nathaniel Rivers, Saint Louis University
Brooke Rollins, Lehigh University
James Schirmer, University of Michigan-Flint
Ryan Skinnell, University of North Texas 
Daniel Smith, University of Texas-Austin
Christa Teston, The Ohio State University
Annette Vee, University of Pittsburgh
Lynda Walsh, University of Nevada-Reno

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