17: Open Issue


Framing Disability, Developing Race: Photography as Eugenic Technology
Jay Dolmage, University of Waterloo

Systems Rhetoric: A Dynamic Coupling of Explanation and Description
Julie Jung, Illinois State University

Tracing the Missing Masses: Vibrancy, Symmetry, and Public Rhetoric Pedagogy
Nathaniel Rivers, Saint Louis University

Doing Two-Dimensional Design, Arranging American Literature, Crafting Creative Writing: Re-situating the Development of Discursive Practice across Multiple Engagements
Kevin Roozen, University of Central Florida
Joe Erickson, Angelo State University

DIY Mentoring: Developing Personal Learning Networks
Rochelle Rodrigo, Old Dominion University
Susan Miller-Cochran, North Carolina State University
Duane Roen, Arizona State University
Elaine Jolayemi, Ivy Tech Community College
Cheri Lemieux Spiegel, Northern Virginia Community College
Catrina Mitchum, Old Dominion University


The Authenticity of What's Next
Timothy Richardson, University of Texas at Arlington


Digital Experiential (Review) of Thomas Rickert’s Ambient Rhetoric
Trisha Campbell, University of Pittsburgh

Making Literacy Visible in Film: A Review of Williams and Zenger's Popular Culture and Representations of Literacy
Stephanie Vie, University of Central Florida

Indirect Resistance and Religious Rhetoric: A Review of Ming’s The Cultural Economy of Falun Gong in China
Shui-yin Sharon Yam, University of Wisconsin-Madison

How to Train Your Teaching Assistants: A Review of Jessica Restaino's First Semester
Taylor Libby, Oklahoma State University

A Rhetoric of “Truthiness”: Review of America According to Colbert
Michael Lucas, Clemson University

Issues in Composition Pedagogy in the Age of Internet Writing: Martine Courant Rife’s Invention, Copyright, and Digital Writing
Rubén Casas, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A New Hope for Social Justice: John Smyth and Critical Pedagogy
Bryan L. Jones, Oklahoma State University