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Institutional Affiliation

UNC - Chapel Hill Institute for the Arts and Humanities

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PhD from North Carolina State University in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Program.
Jennifer Ware is currently a postdoctoral fellow at UNC Chapel Hill. She is working with Carolina Performing Arts and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities to document The Rite of Spring at 100. This work includes artist interviews, classroom visits, and invited lectures on documentary work to assist young artists in self-documenting their own artistic processes. She also teaches multimodal composition in the English and Comparative Literature Department.

Jennifer has twelve years of award winning multimedia experience including work for a public communications department of a city government, videographer/morning show editor for a 30 market television station, and the online video advertising producer/director of the Interactive Media division of a newspaper company. She was previously a member of the "Scaling Up STEM Learning with the VCL" interdisciplinary research project at NC State investigating instructional technologies at the high school level funded by a 1.79 million dollar National Science Foundation grant.


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