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Enculturation: a journal of rhetoric, writing, and culture invites reviews of books, music, films, websites, media events, and conferences. In addition to reviews that assess and situate scholarship or other artifacts within the field of rhetoric and composition, we also encourage reviews that seek inventive or creative engagements through various media. While print reviews typically run approximately 1500-2000 words, we will gladly accept original work in other media including static images, sound, and/or video for a review.

Please consult our list of list of books available for review. In addition, we will accept suggestions and requests for reviews of work not on our list.

To submit a review, refer to our submission guidelines. Please contact Book Review Editor Christian Smith (csmith8@coastal.edu) with any questions.

We operate with rolling submissions for articles and reviews. After your review has been peer reviewed, the review webpage will be activated and listed alongside Enculturation’s previously published reviews. Once a new table of contents is posted, your review will be listed under an issue as well.

Issue 16

BASIC Coding Cultures and Literacies
Chris Lindgren, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

"Satyr At Little Big Horn: A Review of Gregory L. Ulmer's Avatar Emergency
Geoffrey V. Carter, Saginaw Valley State University

Toward Sustainable Public Subjects: A Review of Rice's Distant Publics
Chris Earle, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Doing Style: A Review of Holcomb and Killingsworth's Performing Prose
Hannah J. Rule, University of Cincinnati

"Post-Racial" Rhetorics: A Review of Tim Wise's Colorblind
Andrew Rihns, Stark State College of Technology

Considering Rhetoric as a Global Human Enterprise: A Review of Feminist Rhetorical Practices
Julie Nelson, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Issue 15

Articulating a Politics of a Reticulated Community
Jared Colton, Clemson University

"Unbeing and Unbecoming": A Review of Halberstam's Queer Art of Failure
Allison D. Carr, University of Cincinnati

Theorizing, Circulating, Writing: Moving Beyond through Postcompostion
Megan McIntyre, University of South Florida

Establishing Rhetorical Feminism by Challenging Normative Identities
Michelle Villarreal, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Those Who Can (Paint), Teach: A Review of The Art and Craft of Pedagogy
Tanya Perkins, Indiana University East

Inside/Out: Debra Hawhee, Performance, and the Burkean Body
Freddie Harris Ramsby, University of Utah

Is it Safe?: Exposing the Ethical Dimensions in Combating Student Resistances
Kelly A. Concannon Mannise, Nova Southeastern University

Issue 14

The Insect Technics of Rhetoric: Review of Jussi Parikka’s Insect Media
Jeremy Cushman, Purdue University

Remaking the Future of Multimodal Composing by Examining its Past
Jenna Pack, University of Arizona

Losing the Heart: Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together
Bradford Hincher, Georgia State University

(A Much Needed) Spotlight on Delivery: A Review of Ben McCorkle's Rhetorical Delivery as Technological Discourse
Mariana Grohowski, Bowling Green State University

Issue 13

Digital Memory and Narrative through “African American Rhetoric[s] 2.O”
Nicole Ashanti McFarlane, Clemson University

Transformative Writing through Self-Direction
Jill Parrott, Eastern Kentucky University

Wit and Hope
Drew Loewe, St. Edward's University

Fast Philosophy: Fast Feminism and Performance Writing
Jill Morris, Frostburg State University

Issue 12

Review of Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work!
Patricia Fancher, Clemson University
Carl Whithaus, University of California, Davis
Andrew Mara, North Dakota State University

Teaching McLuhan: Understanding Understanding Media
David Bobbitt, Wesleyan College

Issue 10

The Fitness of Romance?, Review of Romancing the Difference: Kenneth Burke, Bob Jones University, and the Rhetoric of Religious Fundamentalism by Camille K. Lewis
William Duffy, Francis Marion University

Review of Over Ten Million Served: Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces by Michelle A. Massé and Katie J. Hogan
Heather Trahan, Bowling Green State University

Issue 9

Examining Rurality in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy Fields, Review of Rural Literacies by Kim Donehower, Charlotte Hogg, and Eileen Schell
Paula Webb Battistelli, Huston-Tillotson University

The 'Like Race' Rhetorical Strategy, Review of God Hates Fags: The Rhetorics of Religious Violence by Michael Cobb
Steven Hammer, North Dakota State University

Issue 7

Toward an Object-Oriented Rhetoric, Review of Tool-Being: Heidegger and the Metaphysics of Objects and Guerrilla Metaphysics: Phenomenology and the Carpentry of Things by Graham Harman
Scot Barnett, Clemson University

Beyond Critical Pedagogy in Basic Writing, Review of The Way Literacy Lives: Rhetorical Dexterity and Basic Writing Instruction by Shannon Carter
Sara Chaney, Dartmouth College

The Lessons of Appalachia, Review of Whistlin’ and Crowin' Women of Appalachia: Literacy Practices since College by Katherine Kelleher Sohn
Amanda Hayes, Belmont Technical College

Ecologies of New Media Practice, Review of Lingua Fracta: Towards a Rhetoric of New Media by Collin Gifford Brooke
Steven Keoni Holmes, Clemson University

A Rhetoric of Sequential Art, Review of Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels by Scott McCloud
Ben McCorkle, Ohio State University at Marion

Issue 6.1

Everybody is Working-through Something, Review of Writing at the End of the World by Richard Miller (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005)
Sandie Friedman

Issue 5.2

Review of Geographies of Writing: Inhabiting Places and Encountering Difference by Nedra Reynolds (Southern Illinois University Press, 2004)
David Rieder

Getting the 'Big Picture' on Activity and Genre Theory, Review of Writing Selves/Writing Societies: Research from Activity Perspectives. (The WAC Clearinghouse and Mind, Culture, and Activity, 2002) Available online at: http://wac.colostate.edu/books/selves_societies
Peter Goggin

The Labor of Composition, Review of Tenured Bosses and Disposable Teachers: Writing Instruction in the Managed University, edited by Marc Bousquet, Tony Scott, and Leo Parascondola (Southern Illinois University Press, 2004) and Response to Reform: Composition and the Professionalization of Teaching, by Margaret J. Marshall (Conference of College Composition and Communication of the National Council of the Teachers of English, 2004)
Michael Pennell

Review of Writing Genres by Amy Devitt (Southern Illinois University Press, 2004)
Spencer Schaffner

Issue 5.1

Review of Writing in the Academic Disciplines: A Curricular History, 2nd Edition by David Russell (Southern Illinois University Press, 2002)
Christopher Thaiss

Negotiating Meaning Making, Review of Reality Fictions: The Films of Frederick Wiseman, 2nd edition
by Thomas W. Benson and Carolyn Anderson (Southern Illinois University Press, 2002)
James Roberts

Issue 4.2

Voicing Concerns, Sharing Lives: The Rhetorical Power of Narrative, Review of Women Escaping Violence: Empowerment through Narrative by Elaine J. Lawless (University of Missouri Press, 2001) and Water Drops from Women Writers: A Temperance Reader, edited by Carol Mattingly (Southern Illinois University Press, 2001)
Beth Brunk

Writing in Extimacy, Review of Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy by Gregory Ulmer (Longman, 2002)
Jenny Edbauer

The Dialogue with the Self, or Who Are We When We Talk to Ourselves?, Review of Internal Rhetorics: Toward a History and Theory of Self-Persuasion by Jean Nienkamp (Southern Illinois University Press, 2001)
Thomas Rickert

A Review of Tuned In: Television and the Teaching of Writing by Bronwyn T. Williams (Boynton Cook, 2002)
Katherine Casey-Sawicki

Issue 4.1

Editing (Journals?) in the Late Age of Print, Review of Reimagining Textuality: Textual Studies in the Late Age of Print edited by Elizabeth Bergmann Loizeaux and Neil Fraistat (University of Wisconsin Press, 2002)
Byron Hawk

Issue 3.1

Review of The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory by Andrew Herman and Thomas Swiss (Routledge, 2000)
Ben Agger

Is the flag waving? or the wind? . . . or the mind?, Review of Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, & the Economic World by Kevin Kelly (Basic Books, 1995)
Richard Thieme

Issue 2.2

Pan(a)Sonic: Savage Drones and the New Age of Analog,
David Rieder

Shhhh! Or, the Methodological Earplugs of Cultural Studies in Popular Music, A Review of Mapping the Beat edited by Thomas Swiss, John Sloop, and Andrew Herman (Blackwell, 1998)
Matthew A. Levy

Rock and-or-not Roll, Rhythm, Noise, and Processual Mediating-Vibrating Technologies, Review of Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock by Theodore Gracyk (Duke University Press, 1996)
Victor J. Vitanza

Issue 2.1

A Logic of Sense: Stupidity and the Dumbing Up of America (?)
Byron Hawk

Review of Empty Moments: Cinema, Modernity, and Drift by Leo Charney (Duke University Press, 1998)
Jim Roberts

Issue 1.2

Academic Budo, Review of Manifesto of a Tenured Radical by Cary Nelson (New York University Press, 1997)
Greg Beatty

Cyber/Space(d)/Bodies, Review of "Sexuality and Cyberspace: Performing the Digital Body" Women and Performance Volume 9, Number 1, Issue 17 by Theresa Senft
Jenny Bay

In Memorium Gilles Deleuze
Thomas Rickert

Issue 1.1

The Top Ten in Music, 1996 (plus some purely gratuitous honorable mentions . . .)
Thomas Rickert

Equal Opportunity Psychoanalysis, Review of The Symptom of Beauty by Francette Pacteau (Harvard University Press, 1994)
Byron Hawk