Finally we have the TC, or tank commander, whois described as the brains of the tank. He directs the vehicle on its courseby guiding the driver as he maneuvers the tank, he selects targets forthe gunner, and even has the ability to override the gunner's station andfire on the targets himself. He has access to all the visual enhancersthat the gunner has, plus his own ten-power sights and his own hatch tothe outside of the vehicle. He is the representative of timate agency withinthe machine for he is the controller within the machine. He has risen tohis station by serving his apprenticeship time in the loader, driver andgunner position. Interestingly, the higher one gets in relationship tothe machinic assemblage, the more access one has to the exterior of thevehicle, the less one is embedded in the matrix of the tank and the closerone gets to integrating all of the machinic functions of it, the closerone comes to total agency in relation to the machine.

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