At the soldier level, the individual soldier, as part of a larger unit, is the one who is close enough to see the enemy with his unaided eye. If the enemy is too far, or it is dark, then the soldier has available to him certain vision enhancement devices, such as binoculars or night vision devices, which increase his visual capability. This will increase his chances of seeing the enemy before he himself is spotted, and therefore allows him to kill his opponent. The device most often used is the rifle, a weapon descended indirectly from the bow and arrow, which in turn was invented to multiply the force of the throwing arm.
The soldier is in turn within the range of the enemy's direct fire capability and dies at the hand of an enemy soldier. Although this is the level at which a soldier is in the most direct danger, it is also the one at which a soldier interacts most closely with his machinic complement, whether it be a rifle or a tank, and the level at which he can most directly affect his fate. The soldier and his machinic complement are therefore most immediately organically synthesized at this level, the weapon becoming an extension of the killing force of his body.

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